Saturday, February 23, 2013


Pazham pori or Banana fritters is a most common tea time snack in my childhood days..That was not made in my home.There is a tea shop(chayakkada/nowadays no chayakkada in kerala i think.These are replaced by Thattukada's...Am I right???) very near to my house and everyday we got the hot,sweet pazhampori from there. We(me,my bro,my sis) couldn't imagine a day or a tea without this famous pazhampori..Whenever I have it, those sweet nostalgic memories came into me.

Later the story changed..After marriage,coming here in Saudi who else to make anything for me.Whatever I wish to eat , it has to be made by poor me myself..What to do? But these bitter experiences made me a specialist in making pazhampori.

Here comes my recipe of Pazhampori


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