Sunday, July 7, 2013

Kappa Biriyani / Ellum Kappayum(Tapioca and Beef Mix)

This tapioca and beef fusion is a delicious fast food from Kerala especially from the middle part and  a fast moving item in the small eateries called thattukada ...In thattukada, it is served by garnishing with chopped onions on top..
For me, it is my all time favourite food which keeps my nostalgic memories of my childhood in it's peak point.My brother was a usual visitor in our nearby thattukada for having this..And when he came back  with  a big stomach full of this kappa biryani, he had a usual practice of smelling his hands to us(the poor sisters).Oh....when our noses caught this smell,our hunger had  reached to its maximum and we started begging him...Sometimes , he conquered  in front of our begging,and sometimes not...

Ingredients :

  1. Kappa/Tapioca : 3 big (cut into medium size cubes)
  2. Beef(bone pieces) : 500 gm(cut into medium size pieces)
  3. Chilly Powder : 2 tsp
  4. Coriander powder : 1.5 tsp
  5. Turmeric powder : 1/2 tsp
  6. Meat Masala : 3 tsp
  7. Fennel Powder : 1 tsp
  8. Pepper Powder : 1 tsp
  9. Salt
  10. Chopped Onion : 2
  11. Pearl onions(Chopped) : 5-6 
  12. Green Chillies : 2 slitted
  13. Ginger & Garlic (Minced) : 2-3 tsp
  14. Oil
  15. Curry Leaves : 2-3 springs

Method :
  • Pressure cook the beef with all the powders,onion,ginger garlic paste, green chilly and salt togteher for 4-5 whistle in medium flame.
  • After opening the lid, roast the masala to get a semigravy texture.
  • Cook the tapioca pieces with enough water and salt
  • Drain the excess water and mix with the beef masala well.
  • Heat coconut oil in another pan and add shallots and curry leaves.
  • Pour this into the beef tapioca mix and combine well.
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  1. ethra thinnalum mathiyavathatha ethu... each time we make this, it gets wiped out!!! :) looks yumm...

  2. Masala ellam pidichu nallathu polle roast ayetindu.shoo eniku vyaaaa..daily kothipikal annallee ipooo!!!

  3. Am drooling !! Enthoru combo.. Adipoli !!

  4. woww..such a wnderful recipe..
    Thnx 4 linking it 2 my event :