Friday, September 6, 2013

Beef Tomato Masala

Beef tomato masala is a spicy beef gravy with full of flavours  and it is surely a treat for your taste buds. This lip smackinf beef curry can be served with rice,porotta or any kind of breads and perfect for any festive occasions. 

So beef lovers, do try out this finger licking, delicious beef tomato masala

Ingredients :
Beef (cut into small cubes) : 1 kg

For marination

  1. Red Chilly Powder :1 tsp
  2. Coriander Powder : 1 tsp
  3. Ginger Garlic paste : 1 tsp
  4. Crushed tomato : 1 
  5. Salt
  6. Vinegar : 1/2 tsp

For making the masala :

  1. Onions (sliced) : 2
  2. Shallots (crushed ): 10
  3. Curry leaves : 3-4 springs
  4. Green Chilly(slitted ) : 3-4
  5. Tomato (chopped ): 1
  6. Red chilly powder : 1 tsp
  7. Meat Masala : 2 tsp
  8. Turmeric powder : 1/2 tsp
  9. Fennel Powder : 1 tsp
  10. Black pepper powder : 1 tsp
  11. Salt
  12. Garam Masala : 1/2 tsp
  13. Oil 

Method :

  • Wash and drain the cubed beef pieces.
  • Marinate them with the ingredients under 'for marination' ,mix everything well with our hand and keep aside for half an hour.
  • Heat oil in a pressure cooker and add onions,crushed shallots, green chilly sliced and curry leaves.
  • Saute well till the onions get transluscent and add ginger garlic paste , saute again for 2-3 minutes.
  • Now add all the  powders except garam masala ,salt and saute well till the raw smell goes(low flame)
  • Add chopped tomato and turn the flame into high.
  • Stir and combine well till the tomatoes get mushy.
  • Add 1/4 cup water ,close the pressure cooker and cook for 4-5 whistles in medium flame.
  • After releasing the steam ,open the cooker, sprinkle garam masala and close it till serving..


  1. Adipoli beef masala.inathe urakam poyalo...eniku vishakunnu..

    1. innu uranganda..beef vangi masala undakki kazhichittu kidannal mathi

  2. Beef luks perfect!! Try taking pictures during daytime without flash :-)

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  3. No chance dear!!!!Weekend only 1'm in home during day time...ok..will try...
    And thanks a lot for your nice comments......

  4. Dee...beef looks so yummy... ethonum kazhikendannu vicharichalum sammadikkoolalle... dear, hasna paranja maathiri take pics without flash, at a place with good lighting...

    1. njanum ellam stop cheythu..these all from drafts

  5. beef looks so tasty. ..will be nice combination with's dinner I decided it...yummy

    1. Thank you Resna and let me know howz the outcome?

  6. It luks delicious, love the colour...

  7. kothipikkuvano ?? Shahina !!..luks great !

    have a nice day n tc..
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  8. Kothiyavunne... Yummy & tempting they are dear :)