Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dates Milk Shake

Dates Milk Shake is a nutritious,nourishing ,refreshing drink I have ever had. The recipe I adapted from Akila's Learning to Cook.When I see this recipe in her space,the moment itself I decided to give it a try and offered him a surprise . The sudden response from his side is that" I know ..Something you want to post it on your blog and the test rat is me..." Howz it?????

Ingredients :

  1. Dates : 100gms
  2. Milk : 1/2 cup hot milk + 2 cup cold milk
  3. Vanilla Ice cream : 3 scoops

Method :

  • Remove the seeds and soak the dates in the hot milk for an hour.
  • Blend the soaked dates,cold milk and vanilla ice cream together.
  • Transfer into glasses
  • Top with vanilla ice cream(optional)

Refreshing dates milk shake is now ready to serve..


  1. I thnk ther is a typo.. U ve written hotmilk twice...

    Jst luv dates in any frm...nyc recipe

  2. Thank you so much Hasna for pointing it out...I've corrected...

  3. Dates shake kollam ketto oru glass enikum please!

  4. Healthy & tempting milk shake :)

  5. ethu nombinu sthiramayirunnu... just cold milk and dates, athu thanne mathi... so refreshing... :)

  6. Dates....So simple but healthy.Welcome to my blog,flavoursiluv.blogspot.com